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At Joico, Joi is at the heart of everything they do and everything they create. Joico’s product innovations are designed to return hair to its strongest, shiniest, healthiest state-after just one use, and with every use that follows. Their tagline “the joi of healthy hair,” is a message that communicates positive emotion and unparalleled science. It’s more than just a promise; it’s a guarantee.

Joico was founded in 1975 by a Southern California hairstylist. Although Joico initially began as a solution for a single salon owner, the brand and its unprecedented scientific approach to haircare began to take the United States - and eventually the world - by storm. In 1976, Joico's scientists discovered how Human Hair Keratin Protein (HHKP) could be captured and used to truly rebuild hair. For the first time in history, Joico began using HHKP in all of its products to actually strengthen and rebuild hair rather than simply offering a cosmetic or temporary feel to the hair.

In the 80s, Joico developed its own Triamine Complex® formula that reconstructed hair from cuticle to cortex. In the 90s, Joico created a new formula called Cationic Triamine Complex. Although Triamine Complex was utilized in all Joico products at the time, Cationic Triamine Complex was added to only conditioners and reconstructors for optimum hair-repairing benefits. The end result was stronger, healthier hair with the greatest protection available.

In 2006, Joico introduced Quadramine Complex®, a synergistic hybrid of both Triamine and Cationic Triamine complexes for a new generation of reconstruction. Unlike the two ingredients working separately, Quadramine Complex has the ability to enhance the performance of all Joico shampoos, conditioners, reconstructors and styling aids in every category.
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